Below are some frequently asked questions about our Adoption Program and Rescue Ranch.

Are there any adoptable animals at Rescue Ranch?

There are no adoptable animals at Rescue Ranch. All animals available for adoption are in foster homes. All the animals located at Rescue Ranch are permanent residents for the Education and Outreach Programs. 

I'd like to meet an animal to adopt.

Sounds great! First you need to fill out an adoption application here, and a Rescue Ranch Adoption Department representative will be in contact to walk you along the next steps.

Can I come to Rescue Ranch and fill out an adoption application?

Unfortunately, the Adoption Program is not run out of a facility. We would be happy to email you an application, just email us for an application at adopt@rescueranch.com The Rescue Ranch facility is still strictly for education and outreach tours. 

Do you take owner surrenders?

We do not take owner surrenders. Part of our mission is to educate our community on responsible pet ownership. We remain dedicated to rescuing animals from shelters who need us the most. If you are looking to surrender your pet, please visit our Resources page for any additional info.

What type of animals do you rescue?

We are currently rescuing dogs and cats. We hope to add farm animals, small furries (bunnies, hamsters, etc) and exotics at a later date.

Can I adopt one of the animals that are located at the main Rescue Ranch Facility?

All the animals that are currently at the main Rescue Ranch facility are permanent residents. They are all animal ambassadors for Rescue Ranch's humane education programs. All animals available for adoption are on this website here.

No. Any found animals need to follow legal protocol. You need to contact Animal Control in that county.

I just found an animal, can I bring it to Rescue Ranch?

Unfortunately not. You need to contact Animal Control in your county to follow legal recourse. 

My neighbors don't take care of their animals. Can I have Rescue Ranch rescue them?

All of the adoption fees go straight back into the next animal's care that we rescue. All adoptable animals are fully up to date on vaccines, microchipped and spayed or neutered. These Veterinary procedures cost money, and the adoption fee covers the medical costs.

Why is there an adoption fee? 

Rescue Ranch Adoption Program rescues animals from local shelters, humane societies, animal controls and sometimes other rescue groups.  

Where do you rescue your animals?

Of course! You can help Rescue Ranch Adoption Department by volunteering, donating or creating your own fundraiser for us. Click here to learn more about getting involved with Rescue Ranch. If you'd like to specifcally volunteer with the Adoption Department, please put that in the notes section of your volunteer application.

I can't foster or adopt at the moment. Is there another way to help?

Definitely! We are always looking for different types of foster homes. Here are the types of foster homes we are looking for: Emergency fosters (24-72 hours),  Regular Fosters (up to 6 months), Long term Fosters (up to 1 year) and Hospice Fosters (until the animal passes away).

I don't have a regular schedule. Am I able to just foster for a certain period of time?

Hospice fostering provides a home and care for animals who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in a shelter or other desperate situation, without family, in their most urgent time. These animals usually are very old or very ill, and do not have long to live. Rescue Ranch will continue to pay for their Veterinary care, until the animal passes. We are always looking for Hospice Foster homes to rescue senior animals from shelters, and give them the love and family they have always deserved in their last remaining bits of life. 

What is a Hospice Foster?

Can I meet the animal before we foster or adopt them?

Of course. We want to make sure the animal and family are both setup for success! Before you can meet an animal to foster or adopt, you will need to fill out an application, and already be an approved foster or adopter. 

Why do you need to do a virtual home check? 

Don't worry - we will not be making sure your home environment is super neat and tidy. We are just making sure the animal will have a safe and loving environment to go into. We also will bring up any potential safety hazards with you and discuss with you creating a safe space for them in your environment. 

Can I adopt a puppy for my friend's birthday?

We require that the adopter be the person who will be caring for the animal for the rest of their life. While i'm sure we all would want puppies for gifts, we promote responsible pet ownership and want to remind people that animals are a big responsibility.

Can I only foster house trained dogs?

While we all wish dogs came already house broken, that is not a likely case for typical rescued animals. Even potty trained dogs can revert back to peeing in the house until they decompress from a shelter environment. We can not make any guarantees about potty training and other behavior characteristics, as we might not be aware of their full backgrounds. But we will notify the foster and potential adopter of any issues like this, as well as provide resources to help with any behavior issues. 

Why do you require my current animals be fixed and on heartworm preventative?

Part of our mission at Rescue Ranch is to promote responsible pet ownership. That being said, we do not adopt out any unfixed animals as we do not wish to contribute to the ever growing homeless pet population. We require your animals to be fixed for the same reason. However, we understand that not all animals can be fixed due to age or medical conditions, so it varies case by case. 


Heartworm Disease in dogs and cats is extremely rampant in the Southern States. We require all your current animals to be on a preventative. Heartworm disease causes lasting damage to the heart, lungs and arteries, and can affect the animal's health and quality of life long after the parasites are gone. To learn more about Heartworm Disease, click here.

Do you rescue Pit bulls?

Yes! We do not discriminate against any breeds at Rescue Ranch. 'Pit Bull' is just a term that actually describes several breeds of dogs with square shaped heads and bulky body types. 

Can't find what you're looking for? Try looking on our Resources page. 

Have more questions about fostering or adopting through Rescue Ranch?

Contact us at 704-768-0927 or email us at Adopt@RescueRanch.com