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We are currently accepting foster applications for dogs and cats.

Farm animals, small furries and exotics will come at a later date. 


Thank you for your interest in fostering an animal through Rescue Ranch Adoption Department (RRAD)! Fosters and adopters are the single most important aspect of the rescue mission of our organization. Without fosters and adopters, we could not rescue any animals from shelters. 

Fostering a rescued animal is one of the most rewarding challenges you will experience. You will need to provide your foster animal with love, patience and training that they might need to get them into their forever home. 


When you foster an animal, you agree to take this animal into your home and give them love, care and attention until the animal is adopted. Fostering helps animals by:

  • Freeing up a space so that the shelter or humane societies can take in another animal.

  • Giving your foster animal the time they need to decompress and become ready for adoption.

  • Helping us learn more about the animal so they can end up in the best possible home.

  • Socializing the animal to a home environment and possibly getting them used to being around other animals and people.

  • Help us get the animals health in order by making sure they are up to date on vaccinations as well as becoming spayed/neutered and microchipped.


Interested in becoming a foster? Check out the process below.

  • Fill out a foster application here

  • A Rescue Ranch Adoption representative will email you to schedule a phone interview and virtual home check.

  • Once the interview and home check are complete, the adoption department will check your references.

  • If you are an approved foster, we will be in contact with you regarding an incoming animal to make sure they are a good fit for your home environment. 

  • A meet and greet will be available to meet the animal before you start fostering. Especially if you have other animals in the house, we want to make sure everyone gets along just fine.

  • Once you receive an animal, you will be in charge of taking them to their first veterinary appointment. Don't worry - Rescue Ranch pays for all veterinary care.

  • In the weeks you have your foster animal, the adoption department will reach out to you to provide us with photos, videos and any notes on the animal that can help get them adopted.

  • While you're fostering, you might need to help your animal become potty trained, learn how to walk on a leash, and have basic manners. 

  • You will also need to make time to meet potential adopters for your animal. 

  • Above all, a foster parent needs to provide an animal a loving and caring environment for them to decompress and learn that they can be loved. 

Once you fill out your application, please email it to

Feel free to print it out, complete it and send photos of the completed application.

If you still have questions about fostering or adopting, please feel free to reach out to our Adoption Department at 704-768-0927 or email