Don't see the perfect companion on our site? We cater to you! Fill out an adoption application and we'll get in touch to find your perfect soulmate!


Are you looking for your next companion animal but don't know where to start? Do you want to rescue an animal but aren't sure what animal would fit your lifestyle best? Let us help!

Fill out an adoption application and let us know you're interested in the matchmaking service. Our team will get in touch with you to set up a phone interview to discuss your lifestyle, concerns and anything else that might help us determine the best companion animal for your home. 


When people apply to adopt an animal, sometimes the animal they are interested in might not be the best fit for their home and lifestyle. We work with you to find your PERFECT animal from a shelter and rescue them. 

  • You fill out an adoption application and email it to us.

  • We have a phone interview and virtual home check to see what type of animal would fit best in your home. For example, a young active puppy or maybe a more mellow adult dog. 

  • We discuss different types of animal behavior, temperament and have a great discussion about your perfect match.

  • We contact you with a possible match and you are able to foster the animal to make sure it's a good fit before adoption.

  • If it's not a good fit, we place that animal in a different foster or adoptive home.

  • We also pay for all the medical expenses and their spay/neuter until they are adopted.

  • The Matchmaking service is completely free, it's just a custom service we offer.

Are you looking for a specific breed or young puppy? 

Make sure to fill out the adoption application so that you can become an APPROVED adopter. That way the next puppy litter or specific breed we rescue, you'll be first in line!

Once you fill out your application, please email it to

Feel free to print it out, complete it and send photos of the completed application.

If you still have questions about fostering or adopting, please feel free to reach out to our Adoption Department at 704-768-0927 or email